Forex Broker Review #3:

While doing some further reading on Avatrade, I discovered that they were in the process of being acquired by Playtech. Playtech is a FTSE listed gaming company who is also the parent company of, a competing forex broker. While the merger was aborted due to some regulatory issues, it made me think about how strong’s business must be that Playtech would be looking to takeover yet another forex broker. And so, I decided to a little further research on Markets. Overview is growing fast globally in the forex market as a reputable broker. It offers various trading platforms including web based and easy to use ones for beginners. A cool aspect of trading with is the mobile feature. I can trade on a regular web browser for my computer, and I also have the option of trading via apps on one of my mobile devices like my tablet or cell phone. This brokerage firm is ranked as one of the fastest growing providers in the forex market area. Team

The people behind’s software, trading platforms and customer service are supposed to be some of the very best in the world. Their employees are highly experienced and educated in currency trading to begin with, and they are also put through the firm’s rigorous service training program and forex market education course.

Customer Support

The support is trained well enough for to conduct business with people in over a hundred countries and in 25 languages. If I become a client of this broker, then I will get 24 hours a day assistance and tech support for 5 days out of every week of the year.

Demo Account

There are some things regarding the features I happen to like. The first thing is being able to have a free practice account and trading with live prices and data from the market.

Account Opening Bonus

I’ll also get $25 bonus if I sign up to trade with this broker without having to deposit any money. Although, it is not large amount of money, getting free money along no account opening fees is pretty cool, unlike a lot of other places.

Trading Platforms

The interface looked pretty solid and intuitive. It has a variety of simple to advanced charts to analyze the currency market in the past or present to help determine the future of a currency. I could make a dozen trades at once if I wanted to, and this broker makes it easier with the stop-loss and take-profit features on the interface.


The final thing I liked the was the high leverage of up to 200:1. Although HotForex and Avatrade offer higher maximum leverage, I doubt I will make use of that.

With 200:1 leverage, I could put on trades of up to $40,000 with just $200. I doubt I’ll max out when I begin trading but it’s good to have the option available.


Overall, I get a pretty good feeling about They have been around a long time and seem to have a solid business. It’s also comforting to see they have such attentive customer support. It will especially come in handy for a newbie trader like me.

It’s also pretty cool that they sponsor my favorite football club, Arsenal. But anyways, I’ll try to keep my football loyalties out of my forex broker selection. LOL